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*If you plan to attend any of these four colleges, make sure you have your admissions applications submitted by December 1!  Remember, your admissions application will enter you for merit scholarships at all of these universities except for BYU, so do your best work and get things in on time.  Scholarship money will run out, and those who submit their applications by the priority deadline will be considered first for scholarships.

*Also, both USU and and SUU have later admissions deadlines, but you cannot submit the Priority Scholarship Application unless you have applied for admissions.

Brigham Young University Admissions (also BYU-I, BYU-H, and LDSBC) Application
Brigham Young University Scholarship Information
Southern Utah University Admissions Application
Southern Utah University Scholarship Application
University of Utah Admissions Application
Utah State University Admissions Application
Utah State University Scholarship Application

Although applications do not take very long to fill out, do not procrastinate!  These applications are all due by Thursday, Dec. 1.  That means that the school will be closed so you will be unable to get copies of your transcripts or letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors.  Plan on having your applications complete and submitted by Wednesday, November 22, so that you can enjoy your Thanksgiving break.


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