Sophomores and Juniors; Do You Want to Go to Washington on a Scholarship?

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Beehive Drive is an organization that has been providing scholarship opportunities for students since 2006.  This year, Beehive Drive will be sending 32 Utah (sophomore and juniors) students to Washington DC on a History/Education Tour.  All expenses paid!

The trip will take place from June 17-22, 2018.  Round trip air, ground transportation, hotel accommodations and meals (expect for the dinner upon the firsts nights arrival), medical and accident insurance, full time tour director, professional overnight hotel security, a copy of the book “1776” by David Mccullough for each student to read before the trip and $100 for each student for spending money.  (rooming at the hotel will be boys with boys and girls with girls and four students per room.  Four chaperones will be with the group of 32 students)

Who is eligible?
-Students must be a sophomore or a junior
-Demonstrate a desire to succeed
-Must read the book “1776” prior to leaving for the trip
-Must commit to giving a report on what they learned to one of their classes the following year.
-Write a 500 word essay on why you would like to go on this trip and what you hope to gain by going (Attach with application)

Students will be selected by a nomination process once students apply.  Counselors and/or the principal will select which students are being selected for nomination.  Once the committee at Beehive Drive receives these nominations, they decide which students are selected.

This is a quick nomination process and so if there is an interest, please come see Mrs. Dangerfield ASAP.  I would like to have interested students fill out the application by December 4th so that I can submit them by December 10th.

Good luck to all applicants!