Utah College Application Week Wrap-Up

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Now that our Utah College Application Week is over, I wanted to update you on how our students did and what to do next.

We had 221 senior students apply to a college or technical school.  Many of those 221 students applied to more than one. Look at all those pennants! Each of those pennants has a student’s name of them showing where they applied to college.

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So now what?

  1. If you were unable to apply during last weeks event, please keep an eye on application due dates for college.  Many are coming up such as the University of Utah, their application priority date is December 1st.
  2. Apply for the FAFSA.
  3. Make sure you get your transcripts sent to the colleges you applied to.
  4. Apply for scholarships.

I am getting new scholarships quite frequently so please keep checking the website and also with me.

Parents, I know this is an overwhelming time trying to figure out where to start.  Give me a call, drop by or make an appointment so we can figure out a starting point.

Congratulations seniors!  You are on your way!


It is College Application Week!

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If you were/are unable to get to the computer lab (#303) during your scheduled time, please contact your counselor or me to come in during another time.

Keep in mind the idea of “1, 2, 4 or more.” Whether you are going to a four year college or a 1 year program, this is the time to apply.  Tooele Tech, SLCC, and Snow all have some great programs to get you training or degrees.  It doesn’t just have to be four years, it can certainly be 1 year, two years, 4 or more.  We just want you to do something after high school and that looks different for everyone.

Step one:  Go to: https://stepuputah.com/utah-college-directory/

Step two: Apply

Step three: Complete the survey

Step four: Turn in your transcript request form

Step five: Celebrate! You applied to college! (Remember to get your sticker to get your treat in the counseling office)

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Apply! During Utah College Application Week!

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All of November is College Knowledge Month.  Throughout this month, we will be promoting a college going culture and so here is some information on what to expect!

College Awareness Week
November 6th-10th

Monday November 6th-Tooele Tech will be here during 1st and 2nd lunch

Tuesday November 7th-USU Logan and USU Tooele will be here during 1st and 2nd lunch (Utah vs. BYU rivalry day, wear your Utah or BYU apparel, no hats please)

Wednesday November 8th-The Military will be here during 1st and 2nd lunch

Thursday November 9th-Weber State University will be here during 1st and 2nd lunch (Wear your college apparel day, no hats please)

Friday November 10th-USU Tooele and the Military will be here during 1st and 2nd lunch.

Each morning with the announcements, we will be having trivia questions about college.  Students can enter their answers at lunch for a chance to win some college swag.

Utah College Application Week (UCAW)
November 13th-17th 

Students will be applying to colleges in the computers lab in the IA building, room 303.  The English teachers will be sending students to apply during their English classes.  A few of the colleges will be waiving application fees.

Remember to bring or remember social security numbers, drivers license number and a form of payment.  You can bring a credit/debit card or you can prepay your college application fees at the finance office.  Application fees vary between $35 dollars and $50 dollars so save your money! Also, finding the right fit for college is extremely important.  Now is a great time to research the different Utah schools to see what they have to offer.

University of Utah

Brigham Young University

Southern Utah University

Dixie State University

Snow College

LDS Business College

Utah State University Logan

USU Tooele

USU Eastern

Weber State University

Westerminster College

Salt Lake Community College

Utah Valley University

Make Up Monday


Today during Make Up Monday I will be here to answer any last minute questions about college applications and upcoming scholarships (Regents’, Elks, and Daniels to name a few)! I also have the codes for the colleges that are waiving application fees. This will be a good time to come and see me with any problems because priority deadline is now only 3 days away!

Meet in the library at 3!


Just a few reminders as we hit the midway point of UCAW! Up first, I just want to remind students to bring their drivers license, social security number, and form of payment with you to file college applications. We have had a few students forget these things and it hinders the whole process.

Second reminder is that the Regents’ Scholarship application is now open. If you wish to apply please begin the application soon as the priority deadline is December 9th!

UCAW Data-2015

UCAW--data final

I just received data on UCAW results for THS and we are thrilled with our numbers!  Our college application rate has increased significantly–82% of our seniors completed a college application this year! Check out this data to see the great results of UCAW at THS.  You can also review the following data for information on UCAW in the Tooele County School District.


Utah College Application Week


Students and Parents,

College is the key to your child’s future. College can be anything from a one-year certificate to a four-year degree and beyond. Because there are so many kinds of colleges and degrees, college can be a reality for everybody!

November 17-21 is College Application Week at 44 high schools throughout the state of Utah, including Tooele High School. Throughout the week, counselors will help students get started on the path to college by helping them fill out at least one college application. When students fill out a college application, they are actually filling out a scholarship application as well because colleges use that same application to determine eligibility for academic scholarships.  So next week students will be applying for college and scholarships!

Students, you should come to school that week with several things:

1.  The names of one or two colleges where you plan to apply.
2.  Your Social Security Number.
3.  A debit or credit card to pay your application fee or a receipt from the Finance Office.
4.  Any additional information specific to the college where they plan to apply–essays, etc.

Students will be applying during their English classes on Monday, November 17 and Tuesday, November 18. We will also offer an evening application session on Tuesday, November 18 from 6-8 pm in room #233. Parents are invited to attend this session as well.

This is an amazing opportunity! Parents, please encourage your child to participate and help them do some research on colleges, degrees, and professions that are interested in. You can find links to all of the colleges in the state of Utah as well as additional college and scholarship information at the top of this website. For more information, please contact Lori Cartwright at lcartwright@tooeleschools.org.