Local Scholarship Barrick Mercur – Due April 19th

Image result for tooele education foundation

Seniors, we are getting down to where we only have a couple more opportunities to apply for local scholarships.  Remember that these are the best ones to apply for since there are far fewer students applying for these.  If you haven’t applied for any scholarships yet please apply for this one.  The award on this one does vary, and they may and often do give away multiple awards. Please work on this one over the weekend since it is due next Thursday.

Application: Barrick Foundation Scholarship 2018 – fillable
Deadline:  April 19, 2018
-Must be a 2018 graduate of THS, SHS, or GHS.
-Special consideration is given to students who have not been awarded other significant scholarships.
-This scholarship is not renewable.
-Payment of this scholarship will be made following receipt of a copy of your class schedule for your freshman year registration.
-Payment of this scholarship may be deferred for a 1 to 2 year period upon written request.
-Application, transcript, 2 letters of recommendation, esssay.
Award:  $500-$1,000 (multiple awards)


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