First Round of Local Scholarships Available

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The Tooele Education Foundation local scholarships are starting to come in!  This year, the scholarships will be released a few at a time.  These first three are due on March 12th and are available through a PDF format. This year, applicants can download the application, fill it out on the computer, print it out and bring it to Mrs. Dangerfield. This application can also be emailed to me as well.

Each scholarship has different requirements and it is VERY important that applicants read all the instructions.

For this round of scholarships, there is only one that is applicable to to Tooele High School students.  But you are certainly welcome to view the other scholarships as well.

2018 Students in Action American Warriors – TEF scholarships – Available to all Tooele County School District students.

Small Town Big Dreams Scholarship 2018 GHS– Grantsville High School

2018 Ott Family go Local Scholarship DHS – Dugway High School

Good luck and get applying!





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