Utah College Application Week Wrap-Up

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Now that our Utah College Application Week is over, I wanted to update you on how our students did and what to do next.

We had 221 senior students apply to a college or technical school.  Many of those 221 students applied to more than one. Look at all those pennants! Each of those pennants has a student’s name of them showing where they applied to college.

UCAW picture

So now what?

  1. If you were unable to apply during last weeks event, please keep an eye on application due dates for college.  Many are coming up such as the University of Utah, their application priority date is December 1st.
  2. Apply for the FAFSA.
  3. Make sure you get your transcripts sent to the colleges you applied to.
  4. Apply for scholarships.

I am getting new scholarships quite frequently so please keep checking the website and also with me.

Parents, I know this is an overwhelming time trying to figure out where to start.  Give me a call, drop by or make an appointment so we can figure out a starting point.

Congratulations seniors!  You are on your way!


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