THS Alumni Scholarship


SCHOLARSHIP ALERT: If you are a Senior at THS that is planning to attend college this Fall (this scholarship cannot be deferred), apply for this scholarship!

The local scholarships are rolling in, and this is one of the best! This scholarship is awarded from the THS Alumni Foundation each year to students who are planning to attend college and have worked hard during their years at THS, but have not received a significant amount of scholarship money. The Alumni Foundation specifically waits until the end of the award season to ensure that whoever receives the scholarship really needs it and will use it well. The award amount and number of recipients varies from year to year. This scholarship is only given to THS students so it is one of the least competitive of all scholarships offered at THS. If you only apply for one scholarship this year (and you should definitely apply for more), make sure this is the one!

And for all of my parent followers out there: if you are a THS Alumni and have ever thought about giving back to THS, consider donating to the THS Alumni Foundation. Any amount of money is welcome and all of the funds are used to provide THS students with scholarships each year. You can donate once, twice, or every year! Please let me know if you have any questions about donating…and please donate if you can.

Deadline: April 24, 2017
Application: Available in the Counseling Center from Miss Black or Tooele Alumni Foundation Application 2017
-Seniors who are graduating from THS in 2017.
-Plan to attend college.
-Have not received significant scholarships from other sources.
-This scholarship cannot be deferred.
-Application, transcript, and optional additional information.
Award: Amount and number of awards varies


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