Utah Scholars Program (Seniors)

Deadline: March 31, 2017

What is Utah Scholars?

Utah Scholars takes a holistic approach to college readiness. The program is intended to motivate you and students like you to complete specific college readiness tasks in grades 8-12 to help prepare you for college.

We help you know what it takes to succeed in college and in the workforce. To earn the distinction of being a Utah Scholar, you will need to earn a total of 200 points throughout high school. 75 points will come from 1) signing and submitting the Utah Scholars application, 2) Taking 4 years of math, and 3) submitting at least 1 college application your senior year. You receive additional points by doing things like following us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, taking AP/IB or Concurrent Enrollment classes, visiting a college campus, and learning about paying for college options.

By meeting the Utah Scholars requirements, you will receive the Utah Scholars certificate and medallion when you graduate high school.

More information and the application can be found HERE


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