New Links!

Hey everyone! I have been adding in some links to the drop down menu bar that I believe will be helpful for all. Both can be found under the Plan & Prepare tab, and then Step Up Utah.

The first one is the Step Up Utah Blog page. This is really helpful for kids in grades 9-12. You will find posts about paying for college, scholarship opportunities, advice from current college students, and advice from different college administrators. This really is a great website to get familiar with!

The second link is to the Step Up Utah Newsletters. There are 3 different newsletters for students to receive if they sign up. There is also a newsletter for parents if they wish to sign up as well. These newsletters are full of information about different aspects of how to prepare for college based on your current grade, featured scholarships, and links to articles that change each month.


HIGHLY encourage you to sign up for both, if not at least one, of these options. They are another great resource available to you, for free, to stay in the loop about what is happening as we approach both UCAW and graduation!


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