2016 STEM Award Application


What you need: Online application & at least one letter of recommendation

Fill out an application here: http://www.bioutah.org/2016-stem-award-nominations

Each year, BioUtah and the STEM Action Center partner to provide 3 qty $500 scholarships to students that stand out in the STEM areas with a desire to pursue a career in that arena. The process for the STEM Scholarship includes an application submitted online at BioUtah.org along with at least one letter of recommendation. Applications will be accepted for students currently enrolled in their senior (or last) year in high school through Thursday, September 15th. Applications may be submitted by any senior student. Incomplete applications may not be accepted. A selection committee will be comprised of local professionals in the STEM fields and may include educators, business professionals, government leaders, etc. Successful applicants will demonstrate academic competency, vigor, intrinsic motivation, determination, persistence and focused goal setting within their area of STEM interest. Scholarship recipients will be notified on or before Mon., Sept. 26th. Their presence, along with a parent/instructor or guardian, is requested at an Awards Luncheon on October 6th to be honored and receive their award.



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