Tooele County Dairy Princess/Ambassador Scholarship Program

This competition is open to girls who are Juniors and Seniors!

Award: Princess receives $1,000.  Two co-attendants will receive $500 each.


The contestants will be judged on a six minute private personal type interview as well as six minute dairy knowledge interview.  (Contestants will be provided with paperwork to review and study for dairy knowledge)

Contestants will be required to pick a Key Message and do a short 5 to 6 minute presentation on it.

They can choose subjects like  Chocolate Milk a recovery drink.   Three A Day  –  Healthy Benefits of Dairy etc.

The Princess will take this presentation onto the State Level for a state competition for another $2,000 scholarship.   The royalty will also take their PRESENTATIONS to the elementary schools and share with students.

The presentation can be in a Power Point,  flip chart or just whatever you feel will get your key message across to the judges.


See Mrs. Sanders in the counseling office for application information.

Deadline:  Application is due May 7, 2016


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