Valley Behavioral Health Prevention Scholarship

The Prevention Scholarship is an initiative of the Valley Behavioral Health Board and is sponsored by the Utah State Division of Substance Abuse

Award:  $500


  • The student must exemplify a drug free lifestyle
  • The student must have made an outstanding contribution toward prevention of substance abuse in at least one of the following areas:  School District, community, or the state of Utah
  • The student’s outstanding contribution may be demonstrated through:
    • Significant leadership in successfully implementing a substance abuse prevention program or programs.
    • Active participation in school/district/community/state prevention programs or activities, such as (but not limited to):  The Governor’s Youth Council, Peer Leadership, Peer Support or Peer Helper programs, Improvisational Theater or Drama Team, Red Ribbon Week, S.A.D.D., or other drug free awareness and school district community/state activities.

Deadline:  April 4, 2016

Apply:  Pick up an application from Mrs. Sanders in the Counseling Office


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