Westminster College Scholarships for Computer Science, Physics, or Mathematics Majors

We’re excited to announce a S-Cubed, a new program at Westminster College specifically for students interested in majoring in computer science, physics, or mathematics. Funded by the National Science Foundation and Westminster College, this program will provide intensive mentoring for students and will immediately engage them in their disciplines with a first-year seminar.

Students who also have financial need may apply for S-Cubed Scholarships, funded by the National Science Foundation. These scholarships come with additional funds for professional development to include professional memberships and travel to conferences. The average scholarship award will be $8000 per year, expected to be renewed for up to four years as long as the student maintains financial and academic eligibility (for an average total of $32,000/four years). With these scholarships, even students who never considered a private education may suddenly realize that Westminster is very much in reach for them.

For example, a student who also receives the following package (not even the highest offered)

*   $15,000 merit-based scholarship from Westminster, and
*   $8000 S-Cubed Scholarship,
will find that their total bill for Westminster tuition and fees is about $500 less than in-state tuition at the University of Utah. Depending on the student’s academic excellence and financial need, they could receive as much as $3000 more from Westminster and S-Cubed, bringing their financial obligations down even further. And all of this is excluding any other scholarships the student might receive.

Priority deadline:  Feb. 15th

Apply:  https://www.westminstercollege.edu/s-cubed/



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