High School Utah Entrepreneur Challenge

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

The High School Utah Entrepreneur Challenge

“Utah is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, and we believe some of the best ideas come from teens across the state.”

Who:  All High School students (ages 14 – 18) throughout Utah.

What:  Over $22,000 of cash and in-kind prizes will be awarded to teens in Utah with great business ideas.  The awards include:

  • Division A Winner – $5,000 cash
  • Division B Winner – $5,000 cash
  • People’s Choice Award – $1,000 cash
  • Lassonde Studios Housing Scholarship – $10,000 in housing scholarships
  • Event Awards – $1,300 cash


Step 1: Students self-organize teams of up to five members. Find other students who share your enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Step 2: Brainstorm on problems, opportunities, ideas, solutions, and customers.

Step 3: Refine your ideas. Create a prototype.

Step 4: Create a presentation that tells the judges about your business idea. Make sure the presentation includes the following four components:

Business Idea Components
  1. Identify a problem/opportunity
    • Think of the times you said: “I wish _________did ______”
    • Or the thought: “We should have something to be able to do _____with!”
  2. Pick a solution to your identified problem/opportunity
  3. Define the customer
    • Who will want to use the product/business?
  4. Prototype it
    • Sketch it, craft it, draw it
    • How will it work?

Step 5: Submit your presentation online and on time. The presentation must be received online at lassonde.utah.edu/hsuec by Thursday, March 21, 2016, no later than 11:59 p.m. (for the 2015-16 season). Deadlines are strictly enforced. Presentations must be less than 10MB in size and submitted in PDF format.

The top-16 teams will be announced as finalists and invited to the May 14, 2016, presentation, judging, and awards event (for the 2015-16 season).

For details and FAQ please visit  http://lassonde.utah.edu/hsuec/



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