ACT Boot Camp


Juniors (future Seniors):  One of the most important components of earning a scholarship at colleges and universities is your ACT score!  That number combined with your GPA gives you an “index score” and this score is how most Utah colleges and universities determine who gets academic scholarships.  You can find more information on index scores, as well as links to Utah college and university indexes if you click here.

Most students need to take the ACT test at least 2 or 3 times to get their optimal score.  At this point in your high school career, your GPA isn’t going to change very much before you start to apply to colleges, so raising your ACT score is the best way to raise your index score.

In order to help THS students increase their ACT score, there will be an ACT Boot Camp located at the Tooele County Chamber of Commerce June 1-June 3.  But there are some important deadlines that you need to hit in the next couple of days in order to participate, so make sure you pay close attention to the following information:

 ACT Boot Camp
Date & Time:  June 1-3, 2015 from 9 am – 1 pm
Location:  Tooele County Chamber of Commerce (154 So. Main St.)
Cost:  $120 if payment received by May 22 or $140 if payment received by May 23 or later (you can pay online at
Questions:  contact Dianna Bergan at

*If you plan to attend the camp and want to take the ACT on June 13, regular registration has already passed.  You can register late until this Friday, May 22 at

**The Boot Camp information states that “this will be the only class taught in Tooele County this year.”  This is the only class taught by this instructor, but there is also a great class offered at Stansbury High School in the fall. You can find more information on that class at

***The “Magic Month” for taking the ACT, the month that most students receive their highest score, is October of their senior year.  This is also the last time you can take the test before the December 1st college and scholarship deadlines.


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