Miss Tooele City 2015

Miss Tooele city 2015

SCHOLARSHIP ALERT:  This scholarship opportunity is for girls between the ages of 16 and 24.

The Miss Tooele City Royalty is selected during a community production where contestants are showcased and demonstrate their ability to serve as Miss Tooele City by competing in a variety of areas including: patriotism, on-stage communications, talent, and evening wear. There is no swimsuit or fitness competition.  Prior to the Pageant, each contestant personally interviews with our panel of judges and is given an opportunity to discuss her abilities and qualifications.  A responsibility score is also awarded prior to the competition based on the Contestant’s ability to meet deadlines and fulfill pre-pageant requirements.

The Program truly celebrates American values, patriotism, service, and the spirit of Tooele City.  The Program seeks to recognize and engage bright, positive, energetic, entertaining, and civic-minded young women who are role models to the young people of our community and who represent the heart and spirit of Tooele City.  The Miss Tooele City program helps to promote and to provide education to young women in the community about civic responsibility, patriotism, leadership, volunteerism, and community pride. Scholarships are provided to encourage education of our future leaders.

MISS TOOELE CITY PAGEANT (Girls, ages 16-24)
Deadline:  June 2, 2015 (Pageant on June 29, 2015)
Application & Information:  Miss Tooele City 2015
-Contestants must be between the ages of 16-24 on the date of the pageant.
-Must be a citizen of the United States of America and Tooele City.
-Must not be married or divorced.
-Must not reside with a boyfriend or male in lieu of marriage, or as if married.
-Must be legally recognized as female.
-Must have never been pregnant and am not now pregnant, nor have I given birth to a child in or out of wedlock,
nor had an abortion, except for cases of rape or incest;
-Must be of good moral character.
-Must be in reasonably good health and can to the best of my knowledge, participate fully with or without a
reasonable accommodation in any Pageant activities.
-Must have no tattoos on my face (except for cosmetic tattoos in replace of eye liner or lip liner) or my neck that
cannot be covered.
Award:  $1,000-2,000 (multiple awards)


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