Scholarship Packets-2015

march sm 2015--posterfolders-2015
Happy March 31st!  Did you “Get in the Game” during March Scholarship Madness?  If not, do not despair!  Most of the scholarships listed above are actually due in April, so there are plenty of scholarships that you can still earn. In fact, there are over $20,000 in local scholarships due over the next month…and scholarships are still coming in.

Last week, I visited all of the senior English classes and created individual scholarships packets for each student…over 150 packets!  However, I realize that many students do not currently have an English class and therefore do not have a scholarship packet.  Again, do not despair!  If you come to my office, I will create a scholarship packet just for you. But make sure you come ASAP because scholarship deadlines are rapidly approaching!

The following scholarship applications can be included in your packet.  There are also many great scholarships listed on this website along with links for their applications.  Make sure you apply for those as well!

A.L.E. Business Scholarship
Barrick Mercur Scholarship
Betsy Bowen Scholarship
Jordan Byrd Memorial and Silver Star Scholarships
Ken Christensen Service Scholarship
CTE Pathway Scholarship for USU-Tooele
Dalton Donate 4 Life Scholarship
DDRW Skilled Trades Award
Garcia Hispanic Scholarship
Go Local Scholarship for USU-Tooele and TATC
School and Community Service Scholarship for TATC
Step It Up Scholarship
Tooele Disabled American Veterans Scholarship
THS “White Buffalo” Alumni Scholarship
Tooele TV Academic Achievement Awards
Zone 2 Conservation District Scholarship


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