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One of the most FAQ I get is, “Are there scholarships for juniors?”  The answer of course is “YES!”  There definitely aren’t as many scholarships available to juniors as there are for seniors, but they are out there.  An example:  Governor’s Honors Academy.  GHA combines a 9-day conference experience with a 4-year scholarship to SUU.  Double score!  Juniors, if you are interested in attending SUU and if you are interested in having college paid for, this is a scholarship opportunity you can not pass up.  More information:

GOVERNOR’S HONORS ACADEMY at Southern Utah University (Juniors)
Deadline:  March 30, 2015 (Must be in the GHA office by this date)
GHA Dates:  June 19-27, 2015
-The Governor’s Honors Academy was founded in 1988 through a vision of Utah corporate and political leaders. The Academy is organized to provide Utah high school students with an opportunity to learn, lead and interact with some of the foremost leaders in business, technology, humanities, science, education, communication and social science. Through interaction with leaders and mentors, students enhance their desire to learn and strive for excellence.
-3.75 GPA
-ACT score (You will need to complete the December 2014 ACT in order to have your score back in time to apply.)
-Cost:  $1,000 with sponsorship packets available for selected students  (covers all expenses except travel to the GHA and spending money)
Award:  6 college credits and a 4-year scholarship to SUU! (50 state-wide)


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