Tooele TV Academic Achievement Awards

SCHOLARSHIP ALERT:  Every single senior MUST apply for this Award from Tooele TV…this really is the easiest Scholarship application ever!


  • No boring essay required!
  • No minimum GPA required!
  • No financial eligibility requirement!
  • No student activity or leadership requirement!
  • No major or field of study requirement!
  • All ACT scores of 20 or higher have an equal change of winning!
  • This is an award, not a scholarship, so the money is yours to spend any way you want!
  • If you have a perfect ACT score of 36, you will receive an immediate $100 and a gift basket, and will still be eligible for a $500 award.

Deadline:  April 4, 2015

Application:  Available from Mrs. Cartwright in the Counseling Center.
-Enrolled in a Tooele County high school.
-Graduating in Spring of 2015.
-ACT score of 20 or higher.
Award:  $500 (2 awards)


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