March “SCHOLARSHIP” Madness


March and April are the peak of scholarship season at THS!  I will be doing everything I can to make sure that every senior at THS has at least one scholarship application in their hand.  After that, it is up to YOU to complete and submit the application.  Most applications will take you about an hour to complete, some might require more time and effort, but every application you complete will get you closer to receiving scholarship money to pay for college.  Remember, the one thing that every scholarship recipient has in common:  THEY APPLIED!

In order to complete great applications, make sure you follow these instructions:

1.  Read the application instructions thoroughly.  You don’t want to work hard on an application and then be disqualified because you forgot something.

2.  Have 2-3 people proofread and edit your essays and applications.  I’m a great editor!  So are your English teachers and counselors.

3.  Submit your application in a thin folder and use page protectors.

4.  Include a cover sheet with your name, the name of the scholarship, and your photo.

5.  DO NOT MISS DEADLINES!  There will no exceptions!

6.  Apply for every single scholarship you can.  If you apply for 10, you might win 1 or 2.

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