Upcoming Events & Deadlines

eventsDeadline2Two of the most important scholarships you should apply for as seniors are the Miller Motorsports Park Scholarship and the Keys to Success Scholarship…both scholarship deadlines are Monday, March 2.

UPCOMING EVENTS & DEADLINES, February 27-March 14, 2015

February 27–USU:  Hispanic Leadership Conference
February 27–U of U:  Asian American High School Conference
March 1–Engineering Girl Essay Contest Due
March 1–FCCLA Scholarship Due
March 1–SLCC:  Freshman Scholarships Deadline
March 1–Susan W. Coda Memorial Scholarship Deadline
March 1–U of U:  College of Science Scholarships Deadline
March 1–U of U:  Financial Aid Priority Deadline
March 1–USU-Eastern:  Priority Admission Deadline
March 1–USU-Eastern:  Financial Aid Priority Deadline
March 2–Miller Motorsports Park Scholarship Deadline
March 2–Keys to Success Scholarship Deadline
March 2–Engineering for You Video Contest Deadline
March 3–ACT Test for Juniors
March 3–UPEA Scholarship Deadline
March 3–SLCC:  Explore 2015
March 4–U of U:  Bioscience Summer Research Program Deadline
March 4–Hamilton Award Deadline
March 5–FAFSA Completion Workshop at the CLC + The Easiest Scholarship Ever Contest
March7–SLCC:  Expanding Your Horizons Conference
March 13–Registration Deadline for ACT Test on 4/18/15
March 13–UVU:  SheTech Explorer Day
March 14–BYU Management Society Scholarship Deadline


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