Upcoming Events & Deadlines

eventsDeadline2You guys, I cannot keep up with the Scholarship postings…there are 15 deadlines just on March 1 and 2!  Make sure you get these dates on your calendars ASAP!

UPCOMING EVENTS & DEADLINES, February 13-February 28, 2015

February 13–U of U:  Miller Enrichment Scholarship Deadline
February 13–U of U:  Utah Opportunity Scholarship Deadline
February 15–AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness Scholarship Due
February 15–Multi Media Scholarship Due
February 17–Bezos Scholarship Program Deadline
February 20–SUU:  Lunch Visit
February 20-21–Snow College:  Snow Blast & Leadership Interviews
February 21–Ultimate Aggie Experience
February 23–CTE Scholarships Deadline
February 24–FAFSA Workshop at THS
February 27–Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award Due
February 27–Buick Achievers Scholarship Deadline
February 27–USU:  Hispanic Leadership Conference
February 27–U of U:  Asian American High School Conference


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