FAFSA: Don’t Trash YOUR Money!

FAFSA tweet

Did you know that Utah ranks last in the nation for FAFSA completion?  Only 34% of eligible students are filling out the FAFSA…that means 66% of Utah students are basically throwing that money in the trash.  Last year, 101 THS students completed the FAFSA, but many more were actually eligible to receive that money…again, throwing money in the trash.

Did you know that in the Needs Assessment Survey, THS students list “cost” as the number 1 reason that they are not attending college?  Ironic isn’t it! Students are not attending college because of finances, yet they are throwing money away that they could use to pay for college.

Do you know why THS students aren’t completing the FAFSA?  I’m not sure and would love to know so I can better assist students with this important step.  Completing the FAFSA is not difficult.  In fact, yesterday, I helped an ESL student complete the FAFSA in 30 minutes!

If you are a senior, you need to fill out the FAFSA!  Go to fafsa.ed.gov and get started NOW!  You can find out more about FAFSA at www.tooelehighscholarships.org/fafsa


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