Learn & Earn: 5 Things Parents Need to Know About College

HigherEdutah scholars*The following information is taken from a session of the USHE Counselors Conference, 2015, taught by Christie Fox, PhD.



1.  Feel Empowered:  Use Google and social media to do research and get informed:

  • Twitter hashtags–#finaid, #scholarship, #collegeprep, #paying for college, #senioryear, #ACT, #ACTprep, #collegesearch.
  • Twitter accounts to follow/websites to check–StepUpUtah, College_Experts, ScholarshipGuru, 4collegeparents, USATodayCollege, UHEAA, Fastweb, BigFuture.

2.  Start NOW!  It is never to early to start:

  • Talking about college.
  • Saving for college.
  • Planning for college.

3.  Look beyond your own backyard.  Make sure your student’s college choice is a good fit for them:

  • Rural or urban?
  • Size?
  • Major offering?
  • Campus environment?
  • Price tag?
  • Weather?
  • Distance from home?
  • Opportunities for jobs, internships, study abroad?
  • These are just a few things to consider when looking at colleges.

4.  Talk to your child about college:

  • Middle school:  talk about dreams, goals, and how college fits into that.
  • High school:  be honest about your expectations.
  • College:  expectations regarding time, money, activities, etc.
  • Also:  Life skills–how to do laundry, cook, manage money, change a tire, clean a bathroom, etc.

5.  Deadlines Matter!!


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