CTE Scholarships 2015



True or False:  Scholarships are only available to students who are attending 4 year colleges or universities.  FALSE!!!

The CTE Scholarships offered through the Utah State Office of Education are some of the best scholarships out there, and they are offered specifically to students who are planning to attend two years or less of college or students who are planning to teach in a CTE area. The CTE Scholarships and Tuition Awards are for outstanding Career and Technical Education (CTE) students, and cover up to one year of tuition. Eligible applicants have a 1:2 odds of receiving an award. Would you spend four to five hours compiling a portfolio to receive well over $1,500? Do the math.  What is the potential hourly payback for preparing and applying?

Last year, three students from THS received CTE Scholarships:

Ashton Hubbard-WSU
Destiny Nelms-SLCC
Shailee Peterson-SLCC

The  funds for these awards come from various postsecondary institutions around the state, including the TATC in Tooele.  The approximate number of CTE scholarships offered from each institution follows in parenthesis. Please visit the CTE scholarship website for details about exact tuition award amounts and criteria for each institution:  www.schools.utah.gov/CTE/main/Scholarships.

Bridgerland ATC (8)
Davis ATC (8)
Dixie ATC (2)
Dixie State University (4)
Mountainland ATC (10)
Ogden-Weber ATC (12)
Salt Lake Community College (20)
Snow College-Richfield (2)
Southern Utah University (1)
Southwest ATC (3)
Tooele ATC (2)
Uintah Basin ATC (3)
USU Eastern – Price (2)
USU Eastern – San Juan (2)
Utah Valley University (20)
Weber State University (7)

Deadline:  February 23, 2015

Application:  schools.utah.gov/cte/documents/scholarships/application.pdf or from Mrs. Cartwright in the Counseling Center
-Graduating high school senior.
-Planning to attend a postsecondary institution in a CTE program that is a two-year Associate Degree program or less or planning to teach in a CTE area (a four-year program).
-Must be a CTE student.
-Must have a valid Career and Technical Education occupational goal.
-Make sure the CTE program he/she wants to take is actually offered and the institution he/she wants to attend.
-Immediate employment after completing the training is a requirement for all potential award recipients.
-Must be lawfully present in the U.S.
-Must be a Utah resident.
-Student may accept other private scholarships, but cannot accept this and another scholarship from the same college or university.
-Some colleges and universities require a 3.0 GPA.
Award:  Varies (over 100 scholarships offered)


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