2015 Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship–Due Friday!


The Elk’s Scholarship is due this Friday, and your portfolio needs to be delivered to the Tooele Elk’s Lodge. However, if you turn your portfolio into me before school ends on Thursday, Mr. Wanlass will pick it up Thursday afternoon, saving you a trip. Make sure you pay close attention to the format and that you are following all of the “Instructions and Guidelines” that we reviewed. Here are a few reminders:

  • Remember that you and your parents need to date and sign your application.
  • Your application must be in a folder with inside pockets and clasps (no 3-ring binders!).
  • Everything, except items in sealed envelopes, should be three-hole punched and placed in the clasps of the folder.
  • The completed folder should include:  application, essay, transcript, test scores, counselor report, and optional exhibits (review the checklist!).
  • Make sure you have one or two people proofread your essay and review your application–I’m happy to help with that, but don’t wait until the very last minute because there is no guarantee that I will be available.  That being said, assisting students with this application is my number one priority this week so I will do everything I can to accommodate you.

This is a great scholarship that is offered on a local, district, state, and national level, with awards offered at the various levels.  Last year, four THS students earned a total of $2,300 from the local and state Elks organization.  One of the most beneficial aspects of this scholarship, is that it allows students to create an impressive scholarship portfolio that they can use throughout the upcoming scholarship season.  One of the most time consuming elements of applying for scholarships is compiling all of the information, but working on the Elks Scholarship will give you a jump start.

Please let me know ASAP if you have any questions or concerns with this application.



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