Utah College Application Week


Students and Parents,

College is the key to your child’s future. College can be anything from a one-year certificate to a four-year degree and beyond. Because there are so many kinds of colleges and degrees, college can be a reality for everybody!

November 17-21 is College Application Week at 44 high schools throughout the state of Utah, including Tooele High School. Throughout the week, counselors will help students get started on the path to college by helping them fill out at least one college application. When students fill out a college application, they are actually filling out a scholarship application as well because colleges use that same application to determine eligibility for academic scholarships.  So next week students will be applying for college and scholarships!

Students, you should come to school that week with several things:

1.  The names of one or two colleges where you plan to apply.
2.  Your Social Security Number.
3.  A debit or credit card to pay your application fee or a receipt from the Finance Office.
4.  Any additional information specific to the college where they plan to apply–essays, etc.

Students will be applying during their English classes on Monday, November 17 and Tuesday, November 18. We will also offer an evening application session on Tuesday, November 18 from 6-8 pm in room #233. Parents are invited to attend this session as well.

This is an amazing opportunity! Parents, please encourage your child to participate and help them do some research on colleges, degrees, and professions that are interested in. You can find links to all of the colleges in the state of Utah as well as additional college and scholarship information at the top of this website. For more information, please contact Lori Cartwright at lcartwright@tooeleschools.org.


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