Learn & Earn: College Fairs

carrer-college-fairA college fair is a great opportunity to get more information about colleges that interest you.  But getting the most from a college fair takes a little planning ahead.  Here are some tips from high school and college counselors:
(These tips will also be great to use at THS College Day on November 6th!)

  1. Do your homework.  Decide which college booths you want to visit most, and research them beforehand.
  2. Have Fun!  After you visit the colleges on your list, go back and explore the other colleges there.
  3. Ask questions!  Some things that would be good to know:   recent admissions trends, personal or alumni interviews, application deadlines, on-campus events, pre-professional programs, need-based financial aid, merit scholarships, new or recent campus construction, current issues, town relationships, athletics, etc.
  4. Don’t just collect literature.  Take advantage of this opportunity to meet with college representatives face-to-face, and engage them in conversation as time and space permit.
  5. Bring your parents.
  6. Take notes.  After you have stopped at half a dozen tables, the colleges will begin to blur in your mind.
  7. Make a good impression.  Remember that the representatives you meet could be the same people who will see your application in a few months.
  8. Be open-minded.  Explore colleges that you haven’t heard of, and areas of the U.S. that you don’t know much about.

After you attend a College Fair, or College Day, make sure you follow up with the representatives of you top college picks…establishing a relationship really can make a difference in the acceptance process.


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