Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Seminar is a great way for Sophomores to develop their leadership skills…and it is a lot of fun!  My daughter participated last year and loved everything about it: the seminars, location, food, housing, activities, and especially the students and leaders that she met.  When I dropped her off, I was so impressed with the enthusiasm of the volunteers who ran the program and when I picked her up three days later, I was so impressed with her enthusiasm and excitement, as well as that of the other seminar participants. These kids were on fire and empowered to start making changes in their community and world!

We had three THS students at HOBY last year, Jessica Webber and Sarah Wilson attended as participants, and Payton Bowen was there as a youth volunteer. Payton was also selected to attend the HOBY Advanced Leadership Academy in North Carolina in November…Payton is a HOBY phenom!  I think all three students had great experiences, and all three are now eligible to apply for HOBY scholarships their senior year.


HOBY 2014-Volunteers1


If HOBY sounds like something you are interested in, you can find more information at the following links:
What is HOBY?
State Leadership Seminars

Students who attend HOBY are eligible to apply for HOBY Scholarships their senior year, and HOBY participation is great to add to your resume or list of leadership accomplishments.  If you have any questions or need an application, please see Mrs. Cartwright in the Counseling Center.

Website: www.hobyutah.org
Application:  see Mrs. Cartwright in the Counseling Center
Deadline:  October 20, 2015

-sophomore at THS
-if you are chosen as a HOBY representative for THS, you will need to complete additional paperwork.
-attend HOBY Leadership Seminar May 7-9, 2015.
Award:  $350 in seminar fees, housing, meals, materials and supplies; eligibility to apply for HOBY scholarships your senior year.


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