Learn & Earn: Admission and Scholarship Indexes


If you are planning on attending college in the future, it is important to understand what an Admission and/or Scholarship index is, as well as the corresponding admission index number.  These indexes are a great tool provided by colleges and universities that will help you know instantly if you meet the requirements for admission.  They also let you know if you have meet the requirements to receive a scholarship and what the amount on the scholarship will be.

An admission index number is where GPA and test scores intersect (i.e. the USU index for a 3.0 GPA and 20 ACT would be 195).  According to the USU index, a student with an index number of 104 would be eligible for admittance to USU, but would not be eligible for an academic scholarship.  However, if the same students GPA and test scores were applied to USU-Eastern, they would also receive a score of 104 and be eligible for admittance to USU-Eastern as well as a $600 scholarship.

The Admissions and Scholarship indexes can be a powerful tool in your college and scholarship application process.  For example, the indexes will:

  • Motivate you to set clear goals for both your grades and the ACT test.
  • Clearly outline the amount of scholarship money you may receive from the college or university.
  • Assist in your decision-making process as you compare cost of attendance and scholarships you qualify for at different institutions.
  • Help you plan and prepare for what you need to do academically in order to qualify to attend the college you want.

If you are a senior, I encourage you to look at these indexes now!  If you are just below where you want to be for admissions and scholarships, the best way for you to obtain a higher index score is by raising your ACT score.  ACT test information can be found at actstudent.org.

Here are links to Admission and Scholarship Indexes for colleges and universities in the state of Utah:

Dixie State University
Snow College
Southern Utah University Admissions Index and Scholarship Levels
Utah State University
Utah State University-Eastern
Utah Valley University
Weber State University
Westminster College

*Note:  BYU, LDSBC, SLCC, and UofU do not have Admission or Scholarship Indexes.



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