Wendy’s High School Heisman

wendy's heisman


First award posting of the school year! This is not a scholarship, but a great award to list on scholarship applications. If you are a student-athlete and the following paragraph describes you, make sure you apply for this scholarship.

You have students who never settle–not in the classroom, on the field, or in their communities.  These well-rounded seniors reach higher in every aspect of school and life.  They they give a little more.  Now is the chance to give something back by making sure these students get the local, regional and national recognition they deserve.  Encourage your best and brightest to apply for the Wendy’s High School Heisman award by October 3, 2014.  They’ll get a chance to be honored at the Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York City.  And your school could win, too, with up to $10,000 awarded in donations.

Deadline:  October 3, 2014

Application: Wendy’s Heisman.com
-Male and female student-athletes who exhibit excellence in the classroom, on the playing field, and within their communities.
-“B” grade average.
-Must participate in at least one of 27 sports.
Award:  Award details; the first 25,000 completed applications will receive a $10 Wendy’s gift card.


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