Summer Homework for 2015-2016 Seniors!

Juniors:  this summer is an important time for you in the Scholarship Marathon!  Enjoy every minute of the summer that you can, but make sure you take some time to prepare for college and scholarship applications.  Aim for at least 1-2 hours each week working on some of the following things:

1.  Narrow down your college choices:

  • Make a list of colleges you are interested in attending and make sure they have the programs that interest you.
  • Take a virtual tour of these colleges.
  • Then, take advantage of some free time this summer, and go on some college visits.  Each campus has a unique atmosphere, and you might find that your first choice just is not a good fit for you.  It is better to find this out now, then after you have paid thousands of dollars in tuition.  If you are vacationing close to any college campuses, make sure you include a campus tour as part of your plans…they are free.  Or, grab a few friends and parents and take a road trip around the state!

2.  If you are planning to take the ACT next fall, make sure you spend some time this summer preparing.  No, really!  Sometimes just a couple of points will make a difference in college acceptance and scholarship amounts…sometimes only one point will make a difference!

3.  Start working on college essays and your curriculum vitae.  Gathering all of this information now will save you a lot of time next fall and winter when you are busy with school work and extracurricular activities.

4.  Record any work or volunteer hours and a brief description of your activities.Review the Scholarship Marathon list and make sure you’re where you need to be as a Junior/future Senior.


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