Summer Homework for Graduated Seniors!

Seniors:  Before you relax into summer, make sure you do your college and scholarship homework!  Most colleges and some scholarships require a copy of your final transcript, so make sure you get those in the mail ASAP.  If you are planning to defer college and scholarships, make sure you get all of your deferment paperwork filled out and turned in…and don’t forget FAFSA, you will need to turn in deferment papers for that as well.

Also, if you have received scholarships, make sure you complete any needed paperwork to receive your money.  It would also be very nice if you wrote a thank you note to any donors that awarded their scholarship to you.

Here are a few other things you need to work on this summer, according to this article from U.S. News and World Report (click on the link for explanations of each point):

1. Go to orientation.
2. Surf the school’s website.
3. Friend your roommate.
4. Get some furnishings.
5. Improve your mind.
          Extra Pointer. If you don’t know any books you’d like to read, check out the bestseller lists at New York TimesUSA Today, or the Wall Street Journal.
          Star Tip. Some first-year experience courses and freshmen seminars assign summer reading, so be sure to do it if you’re enrolled in this kind of class.  (So much for love of learning for its own sake.)
6. Brush up on a language.
7. Get wired.
          Star Tip. Features you’ll want to have include: good processor speed, portability (less than 4 pounds is a plus), long battery life (better than six hours is a plus), wireless capability, and a built-in Web cam.
8. Get cultured.
9. Tour your hometown.
10. Make a deal with your parents.
11. Do your catch up.
12. Service your car.
13. Get yourself checked up.
          Extra Pointer. Be sure to get on top of your health insurance status. With healthcare reform now going into place, your coverage (and your eligibility for your parents’) may have changed.
14. Organize your finances.
15. Organize your life.


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