Upcoming Events & Deadlines

eventsDeadline2Happy Weekend!  Our 12 for 12 scholarships are now down to 4 for 4, so make sure you keep working on those applications and get them turned in soon.  Please come and see me if you need help, and make sure you have someone review your applications before they are submitted.  Some feedback I’m receiving from scholarship committees are 1) Students are not specifically answering the questions on the application 2) Presentation is sloppy–applications are filled out with pencil, applications are folded, applications are not in folders.  Make sure you pay attention to details!


April 28-          U of U Tanner Human Rights Center 2014 Scholarship
April 30-          Betsy Bowen Outstanding Young Woman Scholarship
April 30-          Utah Boys’ State Application Due
April 30-          Scholarship Awards Report Due
May 1-              BYU Financial Aid Priority Deadline
May 1-              SUU Admissions Application Deadline
May 1-              U of U Enrollment Deposit Deadline
May 2-              Barrick Mercur Scholarship Due
May 2-              THS Alumni Scholarship Due
May 2-              USU-Tooele County High School Scholarship


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