12 for 12 is now 5 for 5

12 for 12.header crossed outHey THS students…enjoy your long weekend/Easter holiday!  Take advantage of the extra time to work on the 12 for 12 Scholarships.  And just a note, the 12 for 12 are now closer to 5 for 5 because several deadlines have passed.  These are the remaining scholarships from our local 12 for 12.

Barrick Mercur Scholarship (seniors)
Deadline:  May 2, 2014
Award:  $500-1,000 (multiple awards)

Betsy Bowen Scholarship (senior girls)
THS students only!
Deadline:  April 30, 2014
Award:  $2,000 (1 award)

Caring Cans Scholarship (seniors)
Deadline:  June 30, 2014
Award:  $500 (1 award)

THS Alumni Scholarship (seniors)
THS students only!
Deadline:  May 2, 2014
Award:  Varies; last year 3 students received $1,500 each.

Valley Behavioral Health Scholarship (seniors)
Deadline:  April 18
Award: $500 (5 awards)
*You will need to take this to the address listed on the application:
Valley Behavioral Health
Attn:  Julie Spindler
100 South 1000 West
Tooele, UT  84074


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