Upcoming Events & Deadlines


April is an amazing month for scholarships!  We have over $10,000 in local scholarships that will be awarded over the next month…and some of these are only for THS students!  I will be visiting English classes next week to assemble scholarship packets for every senior at THS, and there are at least two scholarships that every senior should apply for.  If you are not currently enrolled in an English class, stop by my office and I’ll put a packet together for you.

Meanwhile, make sure you are aware of the following deadlines.  It is too late in the game to miss out on these great opportunities!


5-             Red, White & U Day at U of U
11-           Utah Scholars Application Due
11-          SUU-Preview
11-12     Snow College-Snow Blast
12-          ACT Test
15-          Tooele Valley Rotary Anti-Tobacco Scholarship Due
15-          DDRW Skilled Trades Award Due
15-          SLCC Financial Aid Priority Deadline
17-          A.L.E. Music Scholarship Due
18-          Auto Mechanics Scholarship Due
18-          Dalton Donate 4 Life Nursing Scholarship Due
18-          Jordan M. Byrd Memorial and Silver Star Scholarships Due
18-          Valley Behavioral Health Prevention Scholarship
18-          Utah Asian Charitable Foundation Scholarship Due
18-19     USU-Eastern Eagle Experience
18-19     DSU-Red Storm Retreat
18-19     UVU-Wolverine Weekend
18-19     SUU-Preview


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