Upcoming Events & Deadlines

teacher appreciateI took this photo earlier this week to record how much teachers at THS are appreciated…this is teacher mailboxes full of colorful notes of appreciation from students.  Thanks to our THS teachers and all of their fantastic work and effort!

Who do you think is the most excited for Spring Break…teachers, students, or parents?  Whichever you are and whatever you are doing, enjoy every minute of this next week. Play in the sun, get some rest, stay active, eat something good, read a book (or two), watch a movie (or two), and don’t forget to spend some time working on scholarship applications.  Have a good one!


21-22     Red Storm Retreat at DSU
21-22     Wolverine Weekend at UVU
21-22     SUU Preview
24-28    SPRING BREAK!!!
29-          T. H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Application Due
30-         Odenza Vacations Scholarship Due
1-             Regents’ Visit and CIS Presentation
1-             Men’s Italian-American Civic League Scholarship Due
1-             Peter Pasula Study Habits Scholarship Due
1-             U of U Final Admissions Deadline
1-             U of U Housing Priority Application Deadline
1-             U of U Financial Aid Priority Deadline
1-             USU Final Admissions Deadline
5-             Red, White & U Day at U of U


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