USU: 10 Things to Know and Lunch Visit

utah stateCorrick Knight from Utah State University is visiting THS on Tuesday, March 18th during 1st and 2nd lunch.  If you are interested in attending USU, make sure you stop by and meet Corrick and ask him any questions you have.  He might even have some college swag for you!

And just in case you are unfamiliar with USU, here are 10 Things You Should Know About USU:

1.  USU is famous for it’s Aggie Ice Cream!
2.  Watch:  Why students are proud to say, “I’m an Aggie!”
3.  Learn all about Logan, Utah…home of USU.
4.  Take a Campus Tour, either virtual or real…real is best.
5.  Check the Admissions Index to see where you need to be to qualify for a scholarship.
6.  USU offers 198 Degrees.
7.  Do you have questions about AP Credits or Concurrent Enrollment?
8.  USU students demonstrate Why Men and Women Can’t be Friends.
9.  Student Life at USU…looks like FUN!
10. Information for Aggie Parents and Families.




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