Caring Cans Scholarship 2014


I love this scholarship because it promotes two things I think are extremely important:  recycling and community service!   Caring Cans is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping build our community through recycling.  They collect aluminum cans throughout the community, recycle them, then donate 100% of the revenue generated to local charitable causes.  This year, Caring Cans has decided to sponsor a scholarship program offered exclusively to students who reside within Tooele County.  This scholarship has a $500 value and may be used for tuition or student fees at any educational institution with approval through the application process.

The deadline for this scholarship is not until the end of June, but you will want to get started right away because you will need to keep a log of community service performed within Tooele County, and you will need to donate 50 lbs. of aluminum cans to Caring Cans via Green Box Recycling.

Deadline:  June 30, 2014
Application:  Available from Mrs. Cartwright in the Counseling Center
-Must be a Tooele County resident.
-Complete application.
-Complete an 800 word essay.
-Submit an hourly log of community service performed within Tooele County using the hourly log provided by Caring Cans (log included in application packet).
-Submit receipts from Green Box Recycling reflecting a total of 50 lbs. of aluminum cans donated to Caring Cans.
-“Like” the Caring Cans Facebook page at
*This scholarship must be used within the 2014-2015 academic year.
Award:  $500


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