FF: After the FAFSA

FAFSA February title

If you are a senior, I’m hoping that you have at least started your FAFSA…and if you’ve already completed it, GREAT JOB!  You now know how much aid you are eligible for from the federal government.  You can also apply for a $500 scholarship from UHEAA, and enter the I Heart FAFSA contest at THS.

If you haven’t finished your FAFSA yet, than get it done!  If you have completed the FAFSA, make sure you go through the following checklist to guarantee that you FAFSA money makes it into your hands:

  • Review your Student Aid Report (SAR), which should arrive in the mail a couple of weeks after you submit your FAFSA.
  • Fill out any forms your college requires for financial aid.  Some colleges, including the U of U, have a separate financial aid form that you need to fill out.  Do not skip this step!
  • Complete any verification paperwork.
  • Make any changes to your FAFSA by logging in at www.fafsa.gov.
  • Double check that you are receiving the correct award amounts based on your current enrollment status.
  • Accept your financial aid awards.
  • Keep in contact with your school’s financial aid office (this means the college you will be attending).

If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Cartwright in the Counseling Center.


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