New U of U Scholarships


Good news for seniors who applied to the U of U!  The University of Utah wants to inform high school students of some additional scholarships they will be awarding this year.  There is no additional scholarship application.  Instead, they will use the information students have submitted on their admission application to determine the awards.  The U of U has not yet completed all of their scholarship processing and awarding, but plan to give out the final round of awards by mid-March.

  • Trustee Scholarship: This scholarship targets students with at least a 26 on the ACT (or SAT equivalent), and with a 3.0 GPA. Students with a 26 or 27 ACT and at least a 3.0 GPA will qualify for $1000 ($500 each semester). Students with a 28 or 29 ACT will qualify for $2000 ($1000 each semester). In both cases, the award will continue for a second year provided the student meets retention requirements.
  • Valedictorian: This scholarship is awarded to students who served as Valedictorian of their graduating class. Counselors must submit documentation to the Scholarship Office indicating their school’s valedictorian. This one-time award is $1000 ($500 per semester).
  • ARUP Utah Promise: The U is committed to our local community and is providing access to its academically-qualified, most financially needy students. Entering freshmen from Utah whose family income is equal to or less than 100 percent of poverty and who are eligible for the maximum Federal Pell Grant may receive a four-semester grant for up to $2000. This scholarship supplements existing state and institutional programs, and does not diminish or substitute for other financial aid available to the student.
  • New University Scholars: Although this program began Fall 2013, the University is increasing the value of the scholarship. Starting in Fall 2014, students invited to join the University Scholars will receive $2000 for two years, provided all retention requirements are met.

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