Upcoming Events & Deadlines

eventsDeadline2I’ve visited with many of you in Senior English classes over the past two weeks in order to update my information and remind you about deadlines.  If you do not currently have a Senior English class, please come and visit me in my office so I can make sure that all of your information is current.  This information helps me communicate with specific students who are eligible for specific scholarships.  Meanwhile, keep working on college and scholarship applications, and make sure you are aware of upcoming events and deadlines.  Have a great weekend!


24-25-      Eagle Experience at USU-Eastern
30-            Interview Skills Workshop at GHS
31- 1-       SUU Leadership Weekend
31-            Dupont Essay Competition Due
31-            UIAAA and NIAAA Scholarships Due
1-              BYU and BYU-Idaho Final Admissions and Scholarships Deadline
1-              U of U Final Scholarship Deadline for Diversity and Merit Scholarships
1-              UVU First Priority Scholarship Deadline
1-              Regents’ Scholarship Final Deadline
1-              U-S2-TEM Application Due
3-              Westminster Exemplary Achievement Award Due
4-              U of U Lunch Visit with Admitted Seniors
7-8-          Snow Blast at Snow College
7-8-          Wolverine Weekend at UVU
7-8            SUU Leadership Weekend


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