U of U ACCESS Program for Women in Science and Mathematics

UofUu of u math and science


Sometimes Scholarships come in different forms than what you might consider the norm.  Take the ACCESS Program at the U of U for example.  This program is directed at female students who will be attending the U of U in the Fall of 2014 (you will have to apply for Summer 2014 if interested).  It differs from typical scholarships in that it is a seven-week summer science course designed to introduce students to university-level study in science and mathematics.  However, it is similar to typical scholarships because it includes lots of great perks:  an opportunity to spend the summer on campus, get a jump start on college classes, and earn multiple awards valued at $3,500 as well as receive a $1,000 Summer housing waiver.  That’s a total of $4,500!

If you are a female and planning to attend the U of U this fall (2014), make sure you look into this program!

Deadline:  March 1, 2014
Application:  http://science.utah.edu/students/access.php
-REQUIRED to attend the seven-week summer course, which begins June 16, 2014, and ends on August 1, 2014. Absences during the summer course are not permitted so keep your summer schedule flexible so if you receive an offer you will have the opportunity to accept it. Offer letters will be mailed the first week of April 2014.
-Integrated summer science course with research laboratory placement.
-Prestigious summer housing in the Marriott Honors Community.
-Networking with faculty and past ACCESS students.
-Jump start on your college experience.
Award:  $3,500 plus $1,000 Summer housing waiver


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