Lunch Visits from BYU and SUU

BYU_logosuu logoI’m excited to welcome my alma mater to THS on Tuesday, Nov. 19 for lunch visits!  Admissions reps from BYU, as well as SUU, will be here to answer any questions you might have about admissions and scholarships.  These are the experts, so make sure you stop by to get some answers and pick up some college swag.

It is also important to make a connection with these admissions counselors.  Let them know who you are and that you are interested and enthusiastic about coming to their university.  Make sure they are familiar with your name and your intentions.  After their visit, follow up with a thank you email to let them know you appreciate their time.  If you are polite and professional, this might be the boost you need when they are reviewing your application.

If you missed the earlier post on SUU, here are 10 Things You Should Know About SUU.

And now, 10 Things You Should Know About BYU:

1.  BYUSA is a great way to get involved with campus life at BYU.
2.  Are you a fan of Studio C?  This episode was great!
3.  10 Great Things About BYU.
4.  Take a Campus Tour.
5.  BYU is competitive!  Here are some Admission statistics.
6.  Admission information.
7.  Scholarship information.
8.  Remember this library ad?
9.  International Cinema was one of my favorite hangouts when I was a BYU student (I was an English Major and French Minor).
10. The MOA is one of my favorite hangouts now.

A few fun facts:

  • My husband and I both received a BA from BYU; among my 4 siblings and their spouses,  there are 8 degrees that were earned at BYU; my dad got his MA from BYU; my daughter and her husband just graduated from BYU in April.  That is 14 degrees from BYU!  My family has invested a lot of time and money into BYU.
  • I return to BYU every Spring with my mom and sisters for a few days of classes and campus fun.  I still love college!
  • When I was a student, 10 minutes before the library closed for the night, the theme song to “Hawaii 5-O” would come on, and students would “surf” on the library tables.  It was always a great way to end a long night of studying.
  • I worked for the BYU Religion Department when I was a student.  When my sister came to BYU a few years later, I got her a job there.  When another sister came a few years after that, she also worked for the Religion Department.
  • I bought one of the bricks on the BYU Alumni House!
  • My dad has had season tickets to BYU football games for over 40 years; I was raised on BYU football.  Go Cougars!

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