Westminster College


Westminster College is a private, comprehensive liberal arts college dedicated to students and their learning.  In fact, Westminster is the only liberal arts college in Utah.  If you aren’t sure what a liberal arts college is, you can read a great definition here.  A liberal arts degree focuses on broad skills in thinking and writing, and provides a great foundation for students who plan to attend graduate school.  Westminster’s price tag is the highest in the state of Utah, at $29,000 for 1 year, but the average Freshmen Aid package is $23,700, which makes a private college education a more affordable option.  Westminster College is located in Salt Lake City and classes have a student to faculty ration of 11:1!  If you are unfamiliar with Westminster College, take a virtual tour on their website and then make a campus visit and see if Westminster is a good fit for you.

10 Things You Should Know About Westminster College

1.  Information and video.
2.  Schedule a campus visit
3.  …or attend an Open House.
4.  Winter Weekend, for seniors, sounds amazing!
5.  Great information in Fast Facts.
6.  Campus life forecast:  Very Cool!
7.  A Westminster flash mob.
8.  A virtual tour of Westminster.
9.  Application information.
10.  Financial Aid.


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