Learn & Earn: USU Transcripts

utah state

One thing that all colleges and universities require with your application, is a copy of your official transcripts.  Your transcripts contain a record of all the classes you have taken in grades 9-12, as well as the grade and credits you have received for each class.  If you have taken any concurrent enrollment courses through  USU or SLCC, you will need to send a copy of those transcripts as well.  I have had several students ask me how to request their transcripts from USU, so I thought I would give you a quick tutorial.

1.  The easiest way to access your transcripts:  click on this link, and follow the instructions.

2.  If you are unable to access the link, here are more detailed instructions:

  • Go to “College Links” at the top of this webpage, and click on “Utah State University.”
  • At the very top of USU’s webpage, click on the “A-Z Index.”
  • Click on the letter “T.”
  • Click on “Transcripts.”
  • Follow the instructions.

Do not wait until the last minute to do this!  It is relatively quick and inexpensive if you do this on-line ($4.50), but if you wait too long and need to get transcripts sent through FedEx, you could be paying as much as $50.


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