DSU and a Housing Scholarship



If you are planning to attend Dixie State University next fall, I have some great information on a housing scholarship.  Come and see me (Mrs. Cartwright) in the Counseling Center if you need more information.  Dixie State is located in St. George, Utah where it is sunny and much warm most of the year.  My in-laws live in St. George and I am there several times each year enjoying the sun.  Some of my favorite things to do in St. George are golf, swim, hike, shop, and visit Swig for a Dirty Dr. Pepper and a sugar cookie!

If you are interested in attending DSU, here are 10 good things to know:

1.  Explore Dixie State to learn about Affordability, Academics, Location, and Student Life.
2.  Take a mini vacation to St. George and schedule a campus visit.
3.  Even better…register for a Red Storm Retreat!
4.  If you have Admissions Questions, check out the FAQ page.
5.  Fill out this form to receive information on financial aid, scholarships, athletics, housing, and more.
6.  Need a mentor?  DSU has some guys for that.
7.  Signing up for a FIG is a great idea.
8.  Join The Storm at DSU…college really is this great!
9.  DSU Tips for Student Success.
10.  Scholarship Information!


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