Schools Out! and Highway Sing-a-Long

I hope you are all enjoying Fall Break.  The weather is perfect and there are so many things to do outside!  Take advantage of all things outside because as we all know, this perfect fall weather is not going to last.  You can even work on college and scholarships while hanging around outside.  Go on a campus tour, perform some outside community service, compile a list of leadership experiences while laying on the lawn, take a drive up the canyon while practicing interview question, after-dark bonfire and college talk with friends.  I know I’m pushing it here, but get creative.  For any seniors, college and scholarships are a big part of your life right now, so it might as well be fun!

The end of October is approaching quickly and so are some important deadlines.  Make sure you look at all of the October and November college and scholarship deadlines on the website.  Because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

October Events
October Scholarships
November Colleges
November Events
November Scholarships


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